Ryo Shoji

In 2000, Graduated from the University of Tokyo

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National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College




Intensive carrier design & Innovative research project - a new curriculum of the advanced course of the National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College-
Ryo Shoji

At the advanced course of the National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College, we are always aware of the impact that science and technology have on the environment, and we aim to develop the ability to apply the specialized knowledge and technology that we have acquired in a complex and integrated manner and implement it in society. In order to cultivate students, a period of independent activities such as PBL is provided in the latter half of the first year of the advanced course.

During this period, the "Innovative Research Project” are arranged. Students create their implementation plan for an "innovative research project" according to students' interests. In addition, after conducting activities according to this implementation plan, students will review their activities at the presentation held in the second half of this course and receive a wide range of opinion.

The "Intensive Career Design," are also arranged. In accordance with the implementation plan, under the support of a group of mentor faculty members, we will conduct activities that combine social implementation, long-term internships (collaborative research type, overseas), and creative research.

These subjects allow students to have an image of careers that can make the most of their individuality and interests and serves as an opportunity to think about their own life plans.

This year is the first year since the introduction of this new curriculum, and it will take more time to verify its effectiveness. According to the students who experienced the first year, this subject was difficult, but they had the impression that it was worthwhile and they learned a lot.

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