Takayoshi Ohtsu

Prof.Takayoshi Ohtsu is a professor at the department of electrical and electronic engineering of National Institute of Technology, Numazu College, Shizuoka, Japan. He received BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Yamanashi University in 1983 and 1985, respectively. In1997, he received his PhD in engineering from Keio University. He joined Hitachi Ltd. in 1985, where he worked on design and testing of magnetic heads for Hitachi’s disk drive system. In 2010, he joined National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College. And, he joined National Institute of Technology, Numazu College in 2015. He is a member of the institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, the Institute of Electrostatics Japan,Reliability Center for Electronic Components of Japan, IDEMA JAPAN, Japan TRIZ Association Steering Committee, Japan Intellectual Property Association, The Zoological Society of Japan and INPIT Intellectual Property Development Promotion High School Project Advisor.

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National Institute of Technology, Numazu College

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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering






Practice of intellectual property creation education using the Tongs model of OTSM-TRIZ
Takayoshi Ohtsu

In 2016, National Institute of Technology, Numazu College established a club activity IP- TKY(Intellectual Property Terakoya) with the aim of developing value-creating future industrial human resources who will be responsible for Society 5.0 by using TRIZ. TRIZ is an idea conception method born from the analysis of 2.5 million patents, and includes problem-finding tools such as the 9-screen method and problem-solving tools such as 40 inventive principles. In particular, Tongs Model of OTSM-TRIZ, which fosters solutions to technical problems by understanding the ideal and reality and clarifying the difference between them, is practiced.
The main activities are (1) Taking advantage of the regional characteristics of the future mobility industry, we are challenging the battery bicycle (KV-BIKE) race powered by 40 rechargeable AA batteries held at the International Racing Course in Suzuka Circuit and Mobility Resort Motegi. And the activity has cooperation with local environmental energy education.
(2) Conducting deep-sea research activities in Suruga Bay, which is the deepest bay in Japan (water depth 2,500m), we are taking advantage of its regional characteristics. And, the results of these activities are cooperated with the activities of local governments and companies.
(3) A program robot classroom using 3D blocks with the theme of regional characteristics, in addition, using the creativity nurtured through these activities, we are also challenging patent contests.
In 2021, in making a life-size model of coelacanth using educational blocks, we tried to solve the technical contradiction of shape and strength using the TRIZ Inventive Principles. The initiative was highly evaluated and was introduced at the commemorative event of World Intellectual Property Day (April 26,2022) of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Furthermore, in collaboration with Suruga Bay Ferry, we produced a video introducing the charm of Suruga Bay by Riz Chitera, a original Vtuber related to intellectual property, and developed 3D model teaching materials. In that activity, we tried to solve technical contradictions using TRIZ Inventive Principles. We created a Suruga Bay educational program and held a Suruga Bay classroom for elementary and junior high school students at the Suruga Bay ferry and Izu Shirakabeso. In order to revitalize the region, a new tourism model was created by adding value to conventional tourism such as transportation and accommodation by practicing intellectual property creation education using the Tongs model of OTSM-TRIZ.

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