Occupational Hygiene Monitoring using Project Based Learning (PBL) Approach
2023-09-13, 09:20– (Asia/Tokyo), Training Room 1

Occupational safety and health (OSH) is an indispensable area across different careers. More and more employers and employees are concerning about their work safety and health and therefore requires high demand of labour entering the OSH industry. Relevant training on potential students would become important. The first critical criteria of establishing a safe and health work environment would be accomplished by workplace hygiene monitoring. By closely monitoring the workplace environment, this could reduce the risk of exposing employees to potential hazardous source. The continuous monitoring may include indoor air quality assessment, ergonomic assessment, physical and chemical risk assessment at the workplace. Students could acquire these practical skills through student initiative project based learning (PBL). Many previous studies showed that practical learning, hands-on activities, and student activism help them to grasp the difficult technological knowledge and hence develop their intellectual processes. As different workplaces may have different scenarios, project based learning provide an opportunity to let students to work on driving questions to simulate different work environment. Several workplace scenarios will be provided to students and they could work on the topics they are interested in. Then, fundamental workplace hygiene monitoring skills were introduced. Students are required to submit a proposal on the topics selected and they may have hand-on practice on using those monitoring equipment such as VOC and formaldehyde monitor, particle counter, heat stress monitor, sound level meter, etc. Students may discuss among themselves on sampling and measurement strategy, data processing and utilization. Leaning progress of students is closely monitored through a series of activities including brainstorming, interview, industrial visit, etc. Instructors would then give the appropriate feedback based on student performances from each activity. The overall learning outcomes would be evaluated by final presentation and a poster session. Positive feedback from different stakeholders received using project based learning approach. The feedback obtained will be used to improve the learning and teaching quality in the next cycle.

This paper describes the learning and teaching activities for the occupational safety and health (OSH) aspect using project based learning (PBL) approach. Several workplace hygiene monitoring scenarios will be provided to students and they have to work on driving questions. Students could learn the monitoring skills through discussion, interview, literature search and hand-on practical training. Feedback would be provided from time to time in order to give appropriate guidance to students meanwhile. Outcomes of students will then be evaluated by a final presentation and a poster session. Feedback from different stakeholder will be collected for improvement in the next cycle.


Occupational safety and health, workplace hygiene monitoring, project based learning, risk assessment, student initiative

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